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Atlantic Water Gardens pre-formed ponds offer unmatched quality at an unbeatable price. All in-ground ponds are at least 22" deep to allow fish to be wintered over successfully outdoors. Plus, all ponds feature unparalleled construction and are the only pre-formed ponds available with a LIFETIME warranty! Click on image for larger photograph.  All pre-formed ponds on this page available for in-store pickup only.

78" L x 46" W x 23" D
80 gallons

The Teardrop is a simple, yet elegant design. Includes a planting ledge for marginal plants such as iris, cat tail, etc.


69" L x 51" W x 22" D
90 gallons

The Rockpond II is an ideal small pond. Steep walls give fish more room to swim. A shallow ledge allows for a rock border.


77" L x 47" W x 23" D
175 gallons

The formal shape of the Rectangle provides more area for fish and plants. Includes a large plannting shelf for marginal plants.


78" L x 48" W x 23" D
135 gallons

The Hourglass' classic design provides plenty of room for marginal plants at the edges, while still retaining area for lilies and fish.


114" L x 60" W x 23" D
210 gallons

The Butterfly's size allows plenty of planting room without compromising the depth and swimming space needed for fish.


117" L x 70" W x 23" D
250 gallons

The Rockpond is our largest pre-formed pond. Perfect for goldfish. Features a deep sump for over-wintering fish and a rock ledge.