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The TetraTest Laborett combines tests for ammonia, nitrite, pH and GH/KH in a complete kit. A perfect kit for beginning and experienced pond keepers alike. Includes two test tubes, four color charts, one water syringe, diagnosis card and instructions. Shipping weight 3 lbs.

Koi require excellent water conditions for perfect health. The Tetra Koi AnalySet incorporates a full range of test kits into one complete kit providing a full range of tests to the pond owner. Includes: pH (50 tests), ammonia (25 tests), nitrite (45 tests), nitrate (45 tests), oxygen (30 tests), and KH. Includes informative booklet. Shipping weight 3 lbs.

Combines five tests kits in one. pH (160 tests), High Range pH (160 tests), Ammonia (75 tests), Nitrite (180 tests), GH and KH. Includes four test tubes, holding tray and one test tube rack. Shipping weight 3 lbs.