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Crystal Clear is perfect for clearing pond water of suspended particles, algae and debris. Simply dose your pond with Crystal Clear and then remove the debris that settles out of the water. Great for stubborn ponds that often refuse to clear.

Item # Description UPS Weight Price
4278100900 Crystal Clear, 3/4 ox treats ~400 gallons 1 lbs. $1.89
4278101205 Crystal Clear, 4 oz treats ~2,000 gallons 1 lbs. $3.49
4278100903 Crystal Clear, 1 pints treats ~ 9,000 gallons 2 lbs. $13.89

Pond PhosGuard is a non-herbicidal algae controller for ponds. It is a porous adsorbent that removes phosphates, silicates, and other nutrients that support algae growth. It does not harm plants and does not release anything into the pond. Instead of poisoning the algae, it simply starves it out without harming your aquatic life.

Item # Description UPS Weight Price
11621870 Pond PhosGuard, 1L treats 315 gallons 2 lbs. $19.95