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By Helen Nash
Finally, a book that deals with many of the complex construction and design issues many pond owners experience. Topics covered include: proper design, basic construction steps, earth ponds, waterfalls and streams. Hardcover. 144 p.

By Jeff Reid
Simple, straight-forward text, beautiful color photography, and informative illustrations. Soft cover. 160 p.

By John Dawes
Practical and expert advice on designing, stocking and managing ponds. Hard Cover. 207 p.

By Helen Nash
This wonderful pond book details designing and caring for your water garden. This book contains extensive information on water lilies, water irises and other pond plants as well as solutions to common pond ailments. Soft cover. 160 p.

By James Allison
A superbly illustrated and well written book with many detailed photos, diagrams and chapters on designing, building and maintaining your pond. Hardcover. 160 p.

By Helen Nash
For pond keepers without an excess of time, Low Maintenance Water Gardens provides easy, time-saving tips to help you get the most from your water garden. Hardcover. 127 p.

By Helen Nash and C. Greg Speichert
This book provides you with the means and know-how to successfully create a miniature water feature from a variety of containers. Pumps, containers, plants and fish are all covered in this book. Harcover. 130 p.

By Philip Swindells
Comprehensive information on all aspects of water gardening including a historical overview. Detailed information on building, stocking and maintaining a garden pond. Includes an extensive plant directory. An excellent addition to any book collection.Hardcover. 304 p.

By Dr. David Pool
Hardcover. 144 p.

By Helen Nash & Mariyln M. Cook
This how-to guide contains all the basic information on construction and maintenance. Information on plants, fish, upmps, filters, problem solving, all with color photographs. Hardcover. 128 p.


By Nancy Cooper Wisner & F.A. Simon
Two top proffesionals share a wealth of straightforward, hands-on advice, along with tips from Koi enthusiast. Hardcover. 127 p.

One of the most detailed books on koi keeping available. All topics are covered including design, installation, filtration, water quality, disease, plus showing and classifying your koi. Hardcover. 208 p.

By Dr. David Pool
Hardcover. 112 p.