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For ponds with no existing drain, the Tetra 2" Portable Pond Bottom Drain offers waste removal without requiring the pond liner be removed. Simply run 2" PVC to the drain and attach to your external pump.
Ships UPS, weight 2 lbs.

The Tetra 3" Through-Liner Pond Bottom Drain is a simple, easy-to-use bottom drain for liner ponds. The drain may be used as a filter or pump pick-up, or as a drain for occassional flushing of accumulated wastes.
Ships UPS, weight 3 lbs.

Finally, a 4" bottom drain that fits US 4" PVC. Ideal for supplying vortex-type filters. The Patio Ponds 4" Bottom Drain is suitable for use with either liner or concrete ponds. Includes detailed installation instructions.
Ships UPS, weight 4 lbs.