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Aquaplanters simplify the potting of pond plants. Simply fill with soil; place a lily tuber, marginal plant or group of oxygenators in the center and cover with gravel! Aquaplanters are constructed of a special PLANTEX fabric which traps soil, restricts plant roots and is flexible enought to allow planting on uneven sufaces. 3 year rot proof guarantee.

Item # Description UPS Weight Price
4679816891 Standard Aquaplanter, 7x7x7, 2/bag 1 lbs. $7.95
4679816982 Large Aquaplanter, 10x10x8, 2/bag 1 lbs. $8.95

Aquatic Planting Media is an aquatic plant soil comprised of a unique blend of natural minerals, including zeolite, which provides a clean, easy to use planting media for water gardeners. It is recommended for all potted aquatic plants, and will not change pH or color the pond water.
10 lbs. Bag

Kills aphids that attack aquatic plants. Made from botanical oils that kill aphids on contact and can be used in ponds that contain fish! Special formula will not leave a film or unsightly residue on the surface of the pond.
16 oz bottle.